By Eva & The Oak


Benny BEar

by Eva & The Oak


Honey bear, I'm getting there

Sheets are new, you're gone for good

Champagne and lorazepam

Lipstick ruined, still malnourished

You were the only one who got me truly weak

Twenty pounds and a year later and you are good

And you are


Ah Ah Ah Ah

And you are good

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

Remember when we walked the fens, 

High on alprazolam

Happiest of Benny Bears

Swore I'd never, but I did

Threw away all your mess and auctioned off your shit

You don't want any burdens knowing that I'm sick

You know you're


Ah Ah Ah Ah


Ah Ah Ah Ah

Honey bear it's getting there, 

Tried it, daddy, but you failed. 

You be the hardest that you can

And I'll go off and find a man.


released September 26, 2016
Guitar/vocals: Eva Parascandola

Songwriting: Eva Parascandola

Recording/engineering: John Fee