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Press QUotes


"Floriography is defined as “the language of flowers.” The concept of floriography originated during the Victorian age, when people used flower arrangements to express feelings otherwise deemed inexpressible. In a sense, floriography was an art form. Eva & the Oak have taken this concept and translated it into musical form...On a scale of 1 star to five stars, I bestow four stars on Floriography." -Randy Radic, The Huffington Post


"Remember the Iris takes the collective vibes evoked from each individual track to create a mélange of feelings and musical ideas that astoundingly never feels cluttered so much as it does compelling...This is a woman who could easily front turn out a great R&B or jazz record with her honey-smooth soul, but that she’s at it with an eclectic alt-folk band as she offers up a great melding of sounds" -Jonathan Frahm, For Folks Sake


"Floriography is a gorgeous EP that gives space for metaphors to bloom and often feels fantastical for its dreamy trance. Each track sprouts with its own flair, presenting you with unexpected twists that leave you positively elevated." -Aupium